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Why Choose Us

Why UsWe are often asked, "What’s the difference between your Presentation Skills programs and Presentation Skills programs offered by others?” We love that question! We love it because it gives us a chance to vent and to explain the differences.

 Reason One:

Our programs have produced results for thousands of individuals from hundreds of companies because our methodologies make sense and are easy to apply!

So many individuals in our industry give advice that is wrong, silly, and sometimes even harmful. They’ll say things like, "Looking listeners in the eye will make you nervous. Look at their foreheads instead” or "Look at each person in the group for five seconds.” Or "Look at each person for three seconds”- They’ll say, "Walk around the room as you speak.” Or "Never walk around the room when you speak.” Or "Just memorize your presentation word for word.” Or "Begin your presentation with a joke.” Or " It’s not what you say! It’s how you say it!”

Of all the bad (incorrect) teachings, that last one is our favorite. "It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it!” It’s our favorite because it sounds so logical - but it’s just plain wrong!

Want proof that it’s wrong? Picture a group of individuals who all have been told that they have a terminal illness. A scientist enters the room and announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have wonderful news for you today. I have discovered a six step process that will completely cure your illness in the next 30 days!”

Do you think those listeners will care if the presenter (the scientist) says "uh” or "uhm” twenty times in his presentation?! Do you think it’s important for him to have great enthusiasm or intonation? Do you think they care about whether or not his jacket is buttoned?

Is eye contact important to those listeners?! Do you think they care if the visuals showing the six steps are on a beautiful, colorful, powerpoint slide with no more than five words on a line?! Do you think they care if he talks in a monotone?! Do you think you could convince that group of listeners that "In a presentation, it’s not what you say. It’s how you say it?” Nonsense!

To sum it up, our participants increase their effectiveness, because our methodologies work!

 Reason Two

Our programs are conducted by experts in the field of Presentation Skills/Public Speaking Skills. That’s it! We have expertise in one area only! We’re not an organization who will say, "Want Negotiation Skills? I can teach that too.” Or "What about supervisory skills? Or Time Management? Or Storytelling? Or Diversity Training? Or any kind of training? Sure we can do that too. Hey, we can do any kind of training. Training is training.

At Effective Presentations Inc. we think that’s nonsense! How can anyone be an expert at everything?! We’ve never heard a college professor say, "I’m qualified and degreed to teach Political Science – but if you want me to teach Biology, sure I can do that too! After all, I studied Biology in high school.

 Reason Three

We do not "clone” participants and we do not turn our participants into actors! Unlike many other programs, our instructors at Effective Presentations Inc., will NOT say to the participants: "There is only one correct way to present. Whenever you present, you must always get dressed up. You must plant your feet, use your hands a lot, smile a lot, use visual aids with only a few words on them, pause a lot, and never say "uh" or "uhm".

Now what I want you to do is just watch the way that I dress, and the way I present. Then, just copy me and at the end of the program you'll all be wonderful presenters because you'll all look and act and sound just the way I do."

We don't feel that there's only one "correct" way to present. We all have different personalities and styles. In our workshops for effective presentations, public speaking, , or sales training, we give lots of options. The participants are encouraged to experiment and make their own decisions as to what works for them and what does not.

A person whose job involves mostly one-to-one presentation will not care about public speaking techniques or tips that may be extremely important to someone who presents to large groups or conducts training seminars.

Participants in our programs are not trained to be ACTORS! They’re trained to be effective presenters! There seems to be a lot of folks in this business who encourage their participants to become performers instead of presenters. We won’t change the personality of our participants. We’ll train them to maximize areas of their personalities that will make them more effective presenters.

 Reason Four

Our Corporate Programs are one-day workshops. We understand that your people are much too valuable to spend two or three days out of production. That's why we've designed our programs with absolutely no fluff. Instead of training 18 or 20 participants, our group size is limited to a maximum of 8.

In larger programs, the participants spend too much time listening to their fellow participants presenting. While there is some value to that, we've found that the real value to the program is actually delivering presentations and receiving feedback and critique.

Groups of 6 to 8 are large enough for group feedback, but small enough to allow plenty of time for each participant to deliver presentations and receive feedback and critique. And with the top-of-the line, no-nonsense instructors at Effective Presentations Inc., one day is ample to develop top-flight presenters. The program is fast-paced, interactive and of immediate use.

 Reason Five

Our programs are GUARANTEED! And, it’s not one of those silly guarantees saying, "If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you another program free.” Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. It basically says, "If any participant does not feel that their time was well-spent or would not recommend the program to others, then no invoice will be sent for the program.” That’s it!

 Reason Six

We’ve been in business since 1984 (almost 30 years!) Obviously we wouldn’t have lasted that long if our programs didn’t produce results!